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Mike Wise

Mike Wise provides conservative wealth management services to his clients, including financial and estate planning and investment and insurance advice.

He is registered with Portfolio Strategies Corporation, an independent Calgary-based mutual fund dealer that has branches in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario. Portfolio Strategies manages nearly $2.2 billion on behalf of clients.

Mike provides insurance-related services through contracts with Transamerica Life Canada and Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc., two of Canada's strongest life insurance companies.

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Biography: H. Michael Wise, P.Eng.

Mike Wise has served as advisor to a corporate retirement fund, as an investment advisor with a full-service brokerage firm, and now provides financial advice to individuals and corporations with Portfolio Strategies Corporation. His specialty is a client-centred approach to financial planning, using a custom Statement of Guidelines and Objectives to direct investment policy.

Mike earned the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute in 1994. This is the highest award available in the investment industry in Canada. He is registered to offer investment products to clients in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, and insurance solutions to Alberta residents.

He was a Director of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada from 2009-12. The IFB is a professional association representing approximately 4,000 financial advisors. All members are registered and licensed to provide investment and/or insurance advice to their clients.

The hallmark of IFB members is that they are independent advisors who are able to offer a range of financial services in order to best serve the needs of their clients. All IFB members must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct.

Mike is author of Canadian Asset Allocation Strategies, was a contributing writer to Canadian MoneySaver magazine for several years, and has been quoted in The Calgary Herald, The Financial Post and The Globe & Mail.

He appeared on CBC Newsworld to speak on retirement planning issues, and was also a guest lecturer at a professional society annual meeting and at a national sales conference. Mike was The Investor Learning Centre of Calgary's most frequent guest speaker, with four presentations over two years.

Investment Philosophy

"Because of my pension background, I believe in a very disciplined approach to money management, which starts with a formal Statement of Guidelines and Objectives.

This document lays out the ground rules for the investment process: the time frame, income requirements, returns expected, and any portfolio constraints. It also includes a benchmark against which to evaluate performance.

"Pension funds have historically achieved returns superior to those achieved by individual investors. I ascribe that performance to several factors:

  • A written Investment Policy Statement;
  • Performance measurement, against both a benchmark and the client's objective;
  • Separation of the roles of investment manager and performance monitor.

"I provide those clients who have larger accounts with all three of these features.

"At Portfolio Strategies, we believe that the biggest risk that a client faces is failure to meet his or her financial goal. We are one of the foremost practitioners in Calgary (and possibly all of Canada) in the application of Modern Portfolio Theory to development of our clients' portfolios.

"This means that we determine the investment return that our client needs to fulfill his/her financial goals, and find an asset mix that will meet the required return with the least possible uncertainty. We cannot eliminate risk, but we can measure it and minimize it! The result is usually a portfolio that has far less volatility than a standard balanced portfolio, but comparable or superior returns."

Note for Prospective Clients

"I have been practising for 20 years. My method of doing business is quite labour intensive, and I maintain a client base of under 100 families in order to achieve a high level of personal service to all. I am not actively trying to expand my client base, and am seeking only clients with whom I can develop a long-term close relationship.

"New clients that I accept must have current financial assets over $200,000, or the financial ability and resolve to reach that position within a few years.

"I use mutual funds for the equity part of the portfolio because the volatility of individual stocks is too high for me to project return and risk for the portfolio as a whole. Clients may have individual stocks or corporate bonds within a self-directed RRSP, but these will not be part of the financial plan, and clients will be responsible for buy/sell decisions. I cannot, under the Alberta Securities Act, provide advice or recommendations about individual stocks or corporate bonds.

"I mainly use GICs, government bonds and income-producing exempt market securities (such as mortgage investment corporations) for the fixed income side of a portfolio. I use mutual funds for foreign bonds and high yield corporate debt, because I believe it cost-effective to pay a manager to control the currency or default risk.

"Most importantly, I prefer clients with whom I can develop a good working relationship, based upon mutual trust and respect."

Portfolio Strategies Corporation: Corporate Profile

Portfolio Strategies Corporation is an investment firm composed of ethical, independent financial advisors dedicated to giving their clients the very best in professional, customized, non-biased financial and lifestyle advice. At Portfolio Strategies we believe in balanced and conservative investment strategies that help clients and advisors manage risk.

Portfolio Strategies was founded in 1994 and has roots as a Managing General Agency, so for us client service and advisor support means everything. We appreciate the complexities of an independent advisor's business and provide the tools, training and resources that are required to stay competitive and help clients achieve their goals in the current financial marketplace.

In the two decades since our founding, our firm has grown into one of the largest independent investment firms in Canada, offering advisors Mutual Funds, insurance products, and access to the private capital markets. Our firm has over $2.3 billion in assets under administration and more than 250 advisors located in offices in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

We believe that clients benefit from working with advisors who have an unbiased choice of investment offerings. Our advisors can recommend the best products for their clients without the pressures of proprietary products or recommended funds. We are in the business of providing exceptional support and counsel to our independent advisors to help advisors and their clients achieve their financial goals.

Our company supports the entrepreneurial spirit. We enable our advisors to offer top quality investment advice to clients without telling them how to run their businesses. Clients won't be forced to buy our "in-house" products. Instead, we provide advisors with systems and strategies to help them develop the right combination of products and services for their clients. The client's success and satisfaction are our first priorities.

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