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Portfolio Strategies Corporation has installed a new back office system, called Viefund, that allows clients to access their account information. Portfolio Strategies needs to have your current email address on file for this to work! Please contact me if you have recently changed email addresses, so that we can update our system.

Please contact me if you need registration on Viefund. Once you are registered, here is the login portal.

Client Login Portal: https://investment.portfoliostrategies.ca/Myportfolio

Part of our new system is the ability to handle e-signatures, so that we don't have to meet to take care of routine business.

With this app, called DocuSign, I can prepare the documents that might be needed and send them to you via DocuSign for your e-signature; once you have signed, they'll automatically be sent back to me for my e-signature, then on to the office for processing.

You can review the document(s) but not make any changes. The system will flag where you are supposed to e-sign, using either a system-generated signature or your own signature from a file. Clients who have used it say it worked smoothly and they liked it.

One warning: Portfolio Strategies MUST have your correct email address on file! Let me know immediately if that's not the case so that we can do a KYC update.

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